Dr Helen S Bryden has been appointed as an Approved Medical Practitioner by the MCA to carry out seafarer (ENG1) medicals in Bryden Medical Limited, 7 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1BA.

We are based right in the centre of Glasgow, just across the road from Queen Street Station, on the corner of George Square and to make an appointment, please email us at dee@brydenmedical.com.

The cost is £115 and the medical will usually take about 30-45 minutes but could take longer.

Before the appointment it is helpful to avoid exposure to loud noise for 16 hours if a hearing test is being carried out.

The following items will be needed at the appointment (and the MCA have said the medical cannot be carried out without them):
– a discharge book, passport or other original certified photographic proof of identity.
– the last ENG 1 or equivalent overseas certificate (unless it is a first appointment).
– spectacles or contact lenses, if worn, plus spares.
– any medications, recent letters, discharge notes etc. which relate to medical treatment since the last medical examination.
Those who wear contact lenses should not wear them on the day of the examination, as they will need to remove them while they are tested against the unaided vision standard.