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Bryden Medical offers a wide range of medical services, including.

  • OGUK (UKOOA) which also cover the Norwegian Sector. Certified Shoulder size (breadth) measurement and Fit-to -train assessments.
  • Wind Turbine Medicals
  • Independent Occupational Health Assessments/ Sickness Absence Reports
  • Health Surveillance, HAVS, Audio Booth Hearing Tests, Fork-lift, Crane Operator, confined space.
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening. Pre-placement medicals & questionnaires
  • Australia, New Zealand and Canada Visa Medicals and chest x rays.
  • Visa medicals for Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, Dubai, Singapore, China, SA and more.
  • TB testing with QUanitfereon or T Spot tests.
  • Travel Immunisations required in relation to your employee’s work.

At Bryden Medical we focus on the services that are key to our patients;

1) Visa medicals: Australia, New Zealand and Canada official Panel Physicians for Immigration Visa Medicals as well as carrying out medicals for other countries such as Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi, Bahrain, Singapore, SA, Belgium, China, Cayman Islands. We have a one-stop service where the medical, blood tests and chest x ray can all be carried out in our centre.

2) Fitness to Work: Including Oil and Gas UK (OGUK/UKOOA) off-shore (which now also covers Norwegian Offshore work) and certified bi-deltoid shoulder breadth measurement for shoulder size for offshore helicopter travel, Wind Turbine Work (to Renewable UK and GWO Guidelines) , HGV drivers, HSE AMED Commercial Diver and HSE Appointed Doctor Ionising Radiation, Lead and Asbestos for licensed work and we also do HSE Asbestos non-licensed medicals and Health Surveillance. Cruise ship medicals.

3) Yellow fever immunisations and other travel medicine, including TB testing and antimalarials, if required in relation to work.