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Bryden Medical offers a wide range of medical services, including;

  • OGUK (UKOOA) which also cover the Norwegian Sector. Certified Shoulder size ( breadth) measurement.
  • Wind Turbine Medicals
  • Independent Occupational Health Assessments/ Sickness Absence Reports
  • Health Surveillance, HAVS, Audio Booth Hearing Tests, Fork-lift, Crane Operator, confined space.
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening. Pre-placement medicals & questionnaires
  • Australia, New Zealand and Canada Visa Medicals and chest x rays.
  • Visa medicals for Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, Dubai, Singapore, China, SA and more.
  • TB testing with QUanitfereon or T Spot tests.
  • Travel Immunisations required in relation to your employees work.

At Bryden Medical we focus on the services that are key to our patients;

1) Visa medicals: Australia, New Zealand and Canada official Panel Physicians for Immigration Visa Medicals?as well as medicals for other countries such as Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi, Bahrain, Singapore, SA,China, Cayman Islands. We have a one-stop service where the medical, blood tests and chest x ray can all be carried out in ourAustralian, New Zealand and centre.

2) Fitness to Work: Including Oil and Gas UK (OGUK/UKOOA) off-shore (which now also covers Norwegian Offshore work)and certified bi-deltoid shoulder breadth measurement for shoulder size for offshore helicopter travel,Wind Turbine Work (to Renewable UK and GWO Guidelines) , HGV drivers, HSE AMED Commercial Diver and HSE Appointed Doctor Ionising Radiation, Lead and Asbestos for licensed work and we also do HSE Asbestos non-licensed medicals and Health Surveillence. Cruise ship medicals.

3) Yellow fever immunisations and other travel medicine, including TB testing and antimalarials, if required in relation to work.