Wind Turbine/RUK/GWO Medicals

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic,  our clinic is currently closed for RUK medicals. As far as is known currently, no new guidance has been issued in relation to Wind Turbine/RUK/GWO medical certification, as yet.
Information required for a Socially Distant OGUK Assessment

Name_____________________________________ Date of Birth_____________


Contact details Phone ______________________Email ____________________

Job Title___________________________________________________________

Employer______________________ Number of years with employer________

Duration worked on current installation (if core crew/regular rotation) _______

Rota Worked_______________________________________________________

Number of years working offshore_____________________________________

Previous roles offshore______________________________________________

Social history_______________________________________________________ (relationship status, responsibility for childcare/other family members) and family history of medical conditions)

Medical questionnaire: Do you have/have you had a history of any of the following?

Any new problems with your health since your last OGUK medical                            Yes         No

COVID-19                                                                                                                                Yes         No

History of now inactive medical problems                                                                       Yes         No

Ongoing chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease ).                         Yes         No

Are you prescribed or do you take any medication                                                        Yes         No

 Infectious/contagious/tropical diseases                                                                            Yes        NoDo you have any allergies/hay fever                                                                                  Yes        NoEpilepsy, fits or fainting                                                                                                        Yes         NoCancer or other malignancy                                                                                                Yes         NoNervous /Mental ill health                                                                                                   Yes        NoDrug and/or alcohol misuse in the past three years?                                                     Yes         No

Asthma /bronchitis                                                                                                               Yes         No

Varicose veins or haemorrhoids                                                                                         Yes         No

High blood pressure/hypertension                                                                                    Yes         No

Heart conditions/rheumatic fever                                                                                      Yes        No

Disease of the brain/ nervous system                                                                               Yes         No

Head injury or concussion                                                                                                   Yes         No

Sleep disorder                                                                                                                        Yes        No

Migraine/severe headaches                                                                                                Yes         No

Tobacco use:                                                                                                                           Yes        No

Type/amount of tobacco

Alcohol intake per week                                                                                                                 Units

Back injury/pain/joint problems                                                                                          Yes       No

Ear/nose/ throat/sinus/hearing problem                                                                          Yes        No

Eye trouble/squint/glasses/contact lenses                                                                        Yes        No

Diabetes or other hormone problems                                                                                 Yes        No

Urinary/ kidney /for men, prostate/for women, gynaecological problems                Yes        No

Stomach /bowel disorder/ jaundice/liver disease                                                           Yes        No

Skin disease                                                                                                                             Yes        No

Fractures/dislocations                                                                                                           Yes        No

Any other health issues                                                                                                         Yes        No

Comments on medical history:




To the best of my knowledge the information which I have given is correct. I give my consent to this medical assessment. I understand that the purpose of this medical is to provide information regarding fitness for work and that any advice given will be expressed in terms of fitness for employment and / or fitness to carry out duties now and in the future. I authorize the release of medical information from this assessment to my G.P. if necessary. I understand that confidential information about health and medical history will be confidentially treated, processed and stored in a secure environment by Bryden Medical Limited and will only be accessed and processed by those staff that have explicit and reasonable need to do so, with due consideration for Data Protection (GDPR 2018).

Signed: ____________________________Print Name: _____________________________ Date: ___________________________________          

Please email completed forms and any questions to Dr. Helen Bryden at         Thank you.

GPs Name______________________________________________

GP Address: _____________________________________________

GP’s comments on above questionnaire______________________


From GP records: Height____ cm, Weight____ kg, BP____/_____

Visual Acuity _____________    

Employer’s/Agency’s Statement:

Employee Name________________________ Date of Birth_______

Job Title___________________________

Do you have any information regarding sickness absence, medevac, missed check‐ins, or other medical concerns that you would like to share, which may help in relation to the OGUK medical examination?                                                                                  Yes     No

If yes, please give details.




Name_________________ Role_______________ Date_________


Thank you. Please return to Dr. Helen S Bryden on

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